n. 中心,中央;中锋;中心点
vi. 居中,被置于中心
vt. 集中,使聚集在一点;定中心
adj. 中央的,位在正中的
1.Brain Disease and Aging Research Center.
2.Restaurant at the youth activity center.
3.Is the business center this way or that way?
n. area that is approximately central within some larger region
2.the piece of ground in the outfield directly ahead of the catcher
3.a building dedicated to a particular activity
4.a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure
5.the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
6.the object upon which interest and attention focuses
7.a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process
8.the middle of a military or naval formation
9.(basketball) the person who plays center on a basketball team
10.(football) the person who plays center on the line of scrimmage and snaps the ball to the quarterbac
11.a place where some particular activity is concentrated
12.politically moderate persons; centrists
13.(ice hockey) the person who plays center on a hockey team
14.the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering
15.mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading
16.the position on a hockey team of the player who participates in the face off at the beginning of the
17.the position of the player on the line of scrimmage who puts the ball in play
18.a position on a basketball team of the player who participates in the jump that starts the game
v. upon one's attention on something
3.move into the center
1.equally distant from the extremes
2.of or belonging to neither the right nor the left politically or intellectually
中锋; 中心; 体育或某种中心; 台湾群特;
International Convention C- enter
前中; 前中位; 前中心; 前
dead center
正当中; 止点; 死点; 死亡中心;
distribution center
配送中心; 供货中心; 配电中心; 物流中心;