n. 张力;拉紧;负担;扭伤;血缘
vi. 拉紧;尽力
vt. 拉紧;滥用;滤去;竭力
1.He created a new strain of sheep.
2.Strain and pour into cleaned tincture bottles.
3.Even emotional stress can lead to strain and pain.
1.(physics) deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces
2.difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension
3.a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence
4.(psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress
5.a special variety of domesticated animals within a species
6.(biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups
7.a lineage or race of people
8.injury to a muscle (often caused by overuse); results in swelling and pain
9.the general meaning or substance of an utterance effortful attempt to attain a goal intense or violent exertion
12.the act of singing
v. exert much effort or energy
2.test the limits of
3.use to the utmost; exert vigorously or to full capacity
4.separate by passing through a sieve or other straining device to separate out coarser elements
5.cause to be tense and uneasy or nervous or anxious
6.become stretched or tense or taught
7.remove by passing through a filter
8.rub through a strainer or process in an electric blender
9.alter the shape of (something) by stress
应变; 拉紧; 压力; 过度劳累;
tensile strain
拉张应变; 张应变,拉伸应变; 拉伸应变; 受拉应变;
strain energy
应变能; 应变能量; 应变能 (断裂力学 ); 释义:应变能;
plane strain
倒角应力; 平面应变; 平面应力; 平面变形;
breaking strain
断裂应变; 致断应变; 裂断应变; 破裂应变;