vt. 捻;拧;扭伤;编织;使苦恼
n. 扭曲;拧;扭伤
vi. 扭动;弯曲
1.She twisted many threads to make this rope.
2.Twist the knob to the right setting.
3.Twist and Shout!
n. unforeseen development interpretation of a text or action
3.any clever maneuver
4.the act of rotating rapidly
5.a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments
6.a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight
7.a circular segment of a curve
8.a miniature whirlpool or whirlwind resulting when the current of a fluid doubles back on itself
9.a jerky pulling movement
10.a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair dancing in which couples vigorously twist their hips and arms in time to the music; was popul
12.the act of winding or twisting
13.turning or twisting around (in place)
v. move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling)
2.cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form
3.turn in the opposite direction
4.form into a spiral shape
5.form into twists
6.extend in curves and turns the twist
8.twist or pull violently or suddenly, especially so as to remove (something) from that to which it is
9.practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive
10.twist suddenly so as to sprain
扭转; 扭曲; 捻度; 扭曲,扭转;
twist dive
转体跳水; 转体跳水:; 转身跳水;
twist joint
绞合接头; 扭绞接合; 扭接; 扭接头;
Twist Modifier
扭曲编辑修改器; 扭曲修改器;
Dacca twist